London Best City for Young Entrepreneurs to Start a Business

Research from business comparison experts at Bionic has revealed the best places to start up a business, which universities to attend for career success and which industries are the best to succeed in.

Number of Forbes Entrepreneurs in Top 5

London – 115

New York – 106

San Francisco – 88

Moscow – 51

Los Angeles – 39

Using data from Forbes, the company has come with the following key findings:

  • London is the best city in the world for young entrepreneurs to start a business, followed by New York, San Francisco, and Moscow.
  • IT and Technology was the most popular industry overall with manufacturing coming in second
  • Imperial College London is the best European university to succeed in your career
  • The best university in the world for prospective entrepreneurs was Stanford University
  • Europe was the most female-Inclusive continent, with 37 per cent or the best entrepreneurs living in Europe being women Africa and Asia tied at being the least inclusive, with just 27 per cent being women
  • Manufacturing and Technology had the fewest number of women, with just 20 percent
  • More than 86 per cent of the candidates were university-educated, proving that higher education is still important for becoming a leading entrepreneur.

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